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How to unlock pattern lock using the 'Forgot Pattern'

If your device is running on Android 4.4 or older versions, then you can also take the assistance of the “Forgot Pattern” option to perform the pattern unlock.
 You won’t need a third-party tool or any other device to perform the desired operation. To learn how to unlock pattern lock on your device, follow these steps:

1. Simply provide any incorrect pattern on your device to get the following screen.
2. From the bottom of the screen, you can tap on the “Forgot Pattern” feature.
3. Select the option to unlock your device with your Google credentials.
4. Provide the correct Google credentials of the account that is linked to your device.
5. Later, you can set a new pattern for your device and confirm it. This will let you access your Android device with the new pattern lock.
Step 1: Use Your Google Account
If you don't have data connection or internet access or if you don't have your Google account linked to your phone, then, you can skip this step.

- At the bottom right part of the screen, you'll see "Forgot Pattern" button.
- Tap it and it will ask you to enter your email and password.
- Type in the required information and tap "sign in" and you'll be redirected to Google play.
- There you'll see instructions. Just follow them and you'll be fine
Step 2: Boot to Android System Recovery
If you don't have google account or data connection, this may be the only way to make your phone usable again but beware: It will DELETE ALL INFORMATION you have on your phone;eg. email accounts(if there are any), cache, installed apps(not built in), settings, and files in the internal storage but it will usually keep the files stored in your external storage. Hard reset will set your device to factory settings. (Just like when you bought it.)

- You can start by powering off your device in any way you can.
- Removing the sd is optional.(It makes sure that the process won't delete the files there.)
- Then, turn the device on by holding down the Power Button and Volume Down rocker simultaneously. In some phones, there may be other combinations like Power + Home / Power + Volume Up / Power + Volume Up and Down / etc.... you can try other combinations on yourself and see which ones work.
- If you're successful, an option will appear. Select "System Recovery" by pressing volume up. On some phones, it goes directly to the Android System Recovery Screen .
- You'll see the Android System Recovery screen (If you don't see it, try again with other key combinations)
Step 3: Hard Reset and Done

After you press the buttons in the previous step, an option will appear. Select "System Recovery" by pressing volume up.

Android System Recovery will be shown
- Using the volume rocker, select "wipe/factory data reset"(in my case, the 3rd option shown)
- Select it by tapping on the left soft key (the key used for menu/options or menu in some phones)
- Confirm it by selecting yes
- Wait for it to finish
- After that, press home button to go back and select "reboot device" (1st option shown).
- This might take longer than usual because your device is configuring.
- After that, you'll see your home screen and you're done. Just like when you bought it.

First switch off your phone don't reboot your phone only switch off after that press volume up button+power button at same time this will open Android system recovery screen in your phone.

Now select wipe data/factory reset(For selecting any option press home buttonthis is to reset your phone and after performing this your phone will get unlocked now after selecting wipe data/factory reset then select Yes - delete all user data now just wait for few minutes.When the process is completed reboot your phone.
          Your phone is unlocked enjoy this trick is very easy and take very short time to be done .This trick is for educational purpose or if you forgot your android phone password.I will not be responsible for anything.