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Thursday, 11 June 2020

Thousands of crores of assets of fugitive Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi were seized by India

If you all know Nirav Modi, this post has been created on his property has been confiscated.  There is talk of Nirav Modi taking a loan from our country and fleeing abroad. This government also called Nirav Modi a fugitive.
India has had a great success. The ED has taken major action against Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi, who fled abroad with loans from banks. 108 consignments of PNB scam accused Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi have been brought from Hong Kong, Enforcement Directorate officials said on Wednesday.
 The ED on Wednesday brought in diamonds, pearls and jewelery from Hong Kong. The consignments include jewelery worth Rs 1,350 crore and weigh about 2.5 tonnes. 
The ED said diamonds, pearls and silver jewelery were brought to Mumbai from the warehouse of a Hong Kong company. Of these, 32 consignments belong to Nirav Modi and 76 to Mehul Choksi.
Nirav and Mehul wanted to send the jewels to Dubai
According to the agency, the ED was informed of the scam in 2018. Since then, the ED has been trying to take over the property in India. The valuables were kept in the godown of a logistics company in Hong Kong, the CIA said in a statement. 
The two branches are being investigated under the ED Prevention of Money Laundering Act in a બે 2 billion bank fraud case at PNB's Mumbai branch.
2340 crore worth of jewelery
Items worth Rs 2,340 crore brought to Mumbai include diamonds, death and silver jewelery. ED had succeeded in bringing these valuables to India after completing all the legal process in Hong Kong. Nirav Modi, 49, is currently lodged in a British jail. He was arrested in March 2013 in London.
Nirav Modi is fighting a case against his extradition to Britain

Diamond executives Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi are accused in a Rs 14,000 crore PNB scam. The duo fled India in 2018, just before the probe began. 
The ED had launched an investigation into the money laundering case against the two. Nirav Modi was arrested in London last year. He is fighting a case against his extradition.
 Mehul Choksi is currently in Antigua. He has said that he will not come to India citing the cause of his illness. Choksi had acquired Antigua-Barbuda citizenship long before the scandal broke.
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