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Thursday, 11 June 2020

These 25 countries of the world including New Zealand became Corona free, when will India's name appear in this list?

It's been almost 9 months since the Corona epidemic. Harvard University proved outside that Corona's first case was reported in China in August.
 Currently, more than 4 lakh people have lost their lives due to the corona virus, which is devastating all over the world, while more than 73 lakh people are infected with the corona. The good news is that there are 25 countries in the world that are completely free of the Corona virus. New Zealand recently joined the list. Where the last patient with the corona virus recovered and went home on Monday.
These 25 countries no longer have active cases of the corona virus. However, they still have to follow ongoing safety measures regarding the infection. The eradication of the corona virus in these countries has also encouraged other countries in the world to intensify their fight.
These 25 countries of the world, including New Zealand, became Corona free
1.New Zealand
2. Papua New Guinea
3. Seychelles
5. Trinidad and Tobago
7.Vatican City
9. Macao
10. Montenegro
11. Eritrea
12. British Virgin Islands
13. St. Pierre Mickellon
15. St. Barth
16. Caribbean Netherlands
17. Montserrat
18.Tuckers and Psychology
19. St. Kitts and Nevis
20. Timor Leste
21.French Polynesia
23.Firo Island
24. Isle of Man (British Isles)
25. Falkland Islands
As of Wednesday morning, 7,316,944 people had been infected by the global epidemic, according to the Corona virus data monitoring website WorldMeter. At the same time, 413,627 people have died due to the infection. Worldwide, the number of patients recovering from the corona virus has also risen to 3,602,502.
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