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Friday, 5 June 2020

The negligence of breaking the rules should not be carried out in Nakhtrana

Nakhtrana, Ta. 4: In Unlock-1 of the fifth phase of the lockdown, small and big businessmen were allowed to abide by the rules, but as the rules and declarations were being violated, the administration took a strict stand and formed five teams to take punitive action.

In the taluka, including Nakhtrana, which has so far remained free without a single positive case of corona, not only fines but also a crime will be filed when there is no risk of someone transitioning carelessly and the whole village is sealed without social distance. That. The system has to be tightened as the rules are blatantly violated as Rathore clarifies.

In addition, there have been complaints of negligence in vegetables, tea-hotels, pan-bidis, sweets-farsanas. Checking will be carried out at any time throughout the town due to non-compliance with the rules. If anyone appears without a mask, without social distance, without sanitation, there is no release except to take drastic action.

Despite the police being so vigilant, some people do not comply, so there is no slackening now. Nakhtrana Day. As per the instructions of the Collector, Nagar Police, Revenue-Talati, Gram Panchayat, Mamlatdar team will investigate all the places. There will be no social distance with the punitive action on the spot and action will also be taken by finding their photos.

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