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Thursday, 4 June 2020

The driver is fined only by the traffic police, knowing the reason you will also say "Wow"

According to the rules made for vehicles in Gujarat, if a vehicle is seized by the police or RTO for violating any law, it has to be released after paying a fine. But a case has come up from Ahmedabad in which the traffic police recovered Rs. 2000 vehicle owners have to pay. The vehicle owner had filed an application in the village court in this regard. Against which the Ahmedabad Rural Court has ordered the traffic police to pay Rs 2,000 to the vehicle owner.

The court ruled that there was no need for a case for investigation and therefore could not be kept in police custody. The money was paid by the traffic PI following a court order. This is the first case in which the police have had to pay money to a vehicle owner.

Heavy vehicles are not allowed in Ahmedabad during the day. Violations of these declarations by the Commissioner of Police are also subject to legal action. Traffic PI A.S., who was on duty on SG Highway on January 18 in the same offense. A truck was seized by Damour. The Traffic PI had imposed a breach of declaration clause on the truck driver.

The truck was seized by the police and its owner Ashwin Patel had filed an application in the court. In it, he said, the truck belongs to him, and there is no need to keep the accused in police custody in the investigation of the case in which it has been seized. The business is being affected as the truck is in police custody, and its body parts are likely to deteriorate in police custody, so the court should order me to hand over the truck as a plaintiff.

Following the submission, the court upheld the vehicle owner's statement. The plaintiff ordered the police to return the owner. There was also a stipulation that the plaintiff could not be sold until the case was disposed of. Will have to present whenever the court asks. The court also stipulated that the truck must be presented to the court when needed, and cannot be sold until the case is disposed of.

In the court proceedings, the vehicle owner was verbally questioned about the expenses, and the PI who seized the truck was also ordered to pay Rs 2,000 to the vehicle owner.

According to the court order, the traffic PIA had paid Rs 2,000 to the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner was also verbally questioned during the application. The money given was not a penalty but an expense. Which have been paid. An appeal has also been lodged in the Sessions Court. However, he has appealed to the sessions court against the court's verdict, in which he has submitted that he has paid Rs as per the court order so that no action is taken against him as he is working in the police department.

Vehicles have been seized under such a clause in the past, and no compensation has been ordered to the vehicle owners. The village court's order is objected to as the compensation order encourages the offender, and the appeal was made after discussions with higher authorities, PI Damore said in his appeal to the sessions court.

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