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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

The door of the mother's shrine will be open from Monday

The doors of Mata Madh will be opened for devotees from 8th after the permission given by the government to open religious places in Lockdown-5. However, devotees will not be allowed to enter the temple during the puja-arch.

Some decisions have been taken by the Aage Mata Madh Jagir Trust as part of precautionary measures during this epidemic. In addition to maintaining social distance, crowds in the temple can be avoided. When the temple will be opened for Darshan from 8th, when Mangala Aarti will be held at 5.30 am, Dhup Aarti will be held at 8 am, Sai Sandhya Aarti will be held at 7.30 am, no one will be allowed to enter the temple except the priest.

This is because the presence of thousands of devotees at the time of Aarti is a normal day which is likely to spread the infection. So even at the time of darshan, people have to keep a distance of two yards from each other in the long queues of devotees. Only those wearing masks will be allowed inside and devotees will have to wash their hands with soap near the temple gate.

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Offerings and offerings are arranged by the temple for hundreds of tourists on normal days, but both are currently closed. In addition, visitors come to offer shrifal and prasad for puja, which is closed with the present quote. Visitors will only have to return after visiting. Any ascent will not be accepted.

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