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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

The Delhi government has come up with a new strategy, now the Corona test will be increased

The number of Koro-infected people has risen to 22,132, according to figures released on Tuesday in the capital Delhi. In the last 24 hours, 1,298 new cases were reported, while 11 people died during the period, but in the meantime the government has devised a new strategy to test the corona.

Amid rising cases of corona virus in Delhi, the Secretary General of Health (DGHS) has unveiled a new strategy for testing Covid-19 in the capital. Now people with all the symptoms (ILI symptoms) that have been exposed to the positive case will also be examined.

1. As per the order issued by the Secretary General of the Department of Health (DGHS), the strategy for testing COVID-19 has changed and now the new strategy includes all people with symptoms (Influenza like illness symptoms, ILI) who have a history of foreign travel in recent days. Is.

2. Under the new strategy, people with all the symptoms (ILI symptoms) who have been exposed to a positive case.

3. All patients with SARI (Severe actue respiratory infection).

4. All corona positive symptoms such as, diabetes, hypertensive cancer patients and senior citizens, their test will be 1 time between 5-10 days in exposure to 2 confirmed cases.

 5. People with all ILI symptoms who are in hotspots and containment zones.

6. All hospitalized patients who have developed ILI symptoms.

7. All ILI symptoms in traveling and returning people, within 7 days of getting sick

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