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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

The daughter of a poor family sold fruits on a fruit truck to support the family and got 99.37 PR

The result of the standard 10 board in the state yesterday has seen an atmosphere of happiness among the students with the school. 
This year too, many students have worked hard and passed the good marks and have brightened the name of the family. Yesterday, 60.64 per cent result of standard 10 students has been declared.
 At that time, 60.64 percent result of standard 10 examination has been declared in Ahmedabad state. Umadevi, daughter of Shyamsunder Prajapati, who lives in Amraiwadi area of ​​Ahmedabad and owns a fruit truck, has secured 94% and 99.37 percentile in Std. 
Umadevi was also helping her father on Larry with the preparations for Std. She also carried books on the lorry in the afternoon and sat on the lorry all afternoon reading.
Fruit's truck was helping Dad after he came home from tuition
Umadevi Prajapati, daughter of a very poor family living in Mahavirnagar in Ahmedabad and running her house by getting a job on a fruit lorry on the road at Hatkeshwar Circle-Khokhra, has got 94% and 99.37 percentile marks in Std-10. 
Umadevi was studying at Rashtrabharati Hindi High School in Khokhra. Umadevi told the media that she used to go to school in the morning and come home at 1 pm and after going to tuition, she used to help her father by going on a fruit truck. Reading until 12 o'clock at night. 
We have a small two storey house with 12 members including grandparents, uncles and aunts. I would go to any room in the house that was empty and read.
I will do my best for my daughter's education: Umadevi's father
I would sit on the side of the truck and read when the customer came to get the fruit and then sit down to read again. I want to take B group in science and become a doctor. "Study what your daughter wants and I did my best for her," father Shyamsunder told the media.
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