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Friday, 5 June 2020

The couple chose a place to kiss that would knowingly blow your senses - the police had to be called

Usually couples romance in a closed room. But you can't believe the place this couple chose to kiss. Police have arrested two players from Parkour. His fault was that he did a romantic photoshoot on a terrace, which was widely shared on social media. Alireja Japalgi and her partner had a photoshoot kissing on the terrace, for which they were arrested and said to be acting obscenely and against religion.
There are many restrictions on social media celebrities in Iran. Instagram model Fatemeh Khishwand alias Sahar Tabar, formerly known as 'Zombie' by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, was also arrested and sent to jail. Parkor athlete Aliraja and his partner, the duo are known for giving adventurous poses on acrobats and rooftops. He did a similar photoshoot in which they were kissing on the terrace.
According to Tasnim News Agency, 'Offensive and anti-religious photos of the young boy and girl were being shared on social media. He has been arrested on the orders of the judiciary. Because what they were doing was advocating pornography. '
As news of the arrest of Aliraj and his partner spread, people on social media started asking the question, if there is a punishment for just kissing, why not a punishment for corruption? Some also drew attention to women's rights and the crimes against them. The question was raised that if women’s bodies are considered so sacred then why not throw acid on them is punished.

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