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Friday, 5 June 2020

S.T. Most of the tourists in the bus are rural: now run buses in the villages

Bhuj, Ta. 4: ST closed due to lockdown in Kutch. Bus service has now been partially resumed but ST. The bus does not benefit the rural population which is the largest tourist group. According to the poor, even those who can barely afford a bus ticket can afford to hire a private vehicle. . So who will provide bus facility for the poor people of the villages.

At present buses run only from one depot directly to another. About 107 routes have been started in Kutch but the village over which the bus passes should get the benefit. In Bhuj to Gandhidham bus Kukma or Ratnal tourist is seated, after screening and sanitizing, even if you have to get off at Kukma, the fare is charged from Gandhidham.

E.g. Tourists traveling from Bhuj to Abadsa, even if they want to get off at Bhawanipur in the meantime, have to take a ticket to Naliya even if they are dropped off on the road. This is just an unloading facility but the bus leaving from Naliya does not stop at Bhawanipar, Bitta, Tera or any other village on the road.

The same is the rhythm of Bhuj, Mandvi-Bhuj from Gandhidham. In the meantime, even if the villagers come, the tourists are not promoted. It is welcome that the bus service has been started keeping in view the social distance, but the tourists said that as the staff is reduced by 50 per cent, there is a demand to start connecting the bus service villages with enough driver-conductors to call them.

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