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Monday, 8 June 2020

Ramakatha artist Morari Akra Pani, Dwarikanath will have to apologize, otherwise there will be agitation

An old video of world famous Ramakatha artist Morari during Ramakatha has gone viral. The video has caused a stir across the country. There is a wave of protests against Morari in Sanatan Dharma across the country. First Lord Swaminarayan and later he is being opposed to Lord Krishna making a controversial remark. He has twice apologized tearfully from the podium over the issue.
However, with the feeling that this betrayal had happened to Lord Krishna, the Yaduvanshis gathered at Bhalkatirtha and handed over the application form to the Collector. And Ramakatha artist Morari Dwarika has come and demanded an apology in Jagatmandir. The community leaders said that if they did not apologize to Dwarka, there would be agitation.
Not only Ahir Samaj but the way in which the Ramakatha artist forgot the limits of the pulpit and made the dancers dance in front of Ramayana, beat the chest of Maula Ali Ali and made all the devotees protest. Even the gang that returned the award in their support in the past is nowhere to be seen.
Emotional Ramakatha artist Morari once again became emotional while apologizing. "I would choose to take samadhi before anyone in the world is saddened," he lamented. I apologize if anyone has been offended by my statement. In any case I understand the grace of the Lord. I don't want controversy in society. At the same time, he said that everyone is in general pain because of me. But whether you understand me or not but I understand you as my own, there are no parks for me. K કૃષ્ણa is my favorite deity, Purna Purshottam. That is why I have expressed the pains of Krishna's last days.
 As many times as my eyes are wet while remembering Krishna, so many times no one is wet. The tears in my eyes are the tears of my soul and not of the eyes, so I repeat that if anyone is hurt by my statement, I apologize again.

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