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Thursday, 11 June 2020

Now LED mask to avoid corona, light will happen when you are talking or smiling- you will be surprised to know the price

Corona cases are currently on the rise around the world. People are following the rules of social distance, sanitation, hand washing, wearing a mandatory face mask, etc. to avoid the Koro epidemic. 
Now though people don’t like to wear masks on the face constantly. Eva is currently seeing new designs of masks in the market. Then another new design mask has come in the market. Meanwhile, a special type of mask is being discussed on social media. Because this mask has LED lights.
American game designer and programmer Taylor Glee has created a special kind of mask. When you wear this mask, the LED light comes on while you are talking. This light tells when the person is talking and when they are silent. The mask becomes a symbol of smiley when you are smiling. According to Taylor Gleal, the cloth mask is fitted with 16 LED lights. A mask costs around Rs 3800.
According to the American program Taylor, the mask also has a voice panel, which is connected to the LED. Light happens when a person speaks. According to Taylor, the idea of ​​making a mask suddenly came to mind. I was looking for such a mask online, when not found I prepared it myself. The mask took a month to prepare. It is made of cloth, so it can be taken out by removing the LED light panel when washing. It is fitted with a 9 volt battery that supports the LED panel. Right now I have made this mask for myself and have no plans to sell it.

According to Taylor, this mask cannot be used where people wear it for a long time as it is fitted with LED lights. The mask gets hot after a while so it is not safe for children. 

Also, some questions have been raised about this mask. That the mask has a bad effect on the eyes of the person in front. Complaints of eye infections and other problems have also been reported.

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