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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Never heard of such jokes - click here to read

Jokes: What do you call a mistake and an apology? Click here to read

1. Her teacher got bored with Pintu's questions. Teacher: Pintu, I am tired of your questions. I have a headache. I have to meet your father.

Pintu: Sir, come from nine to twelve in the morning and from six to nine in the evening. Then my dad doesn't meet. Teacher: I will come when I have to. Why are you in a hurry Pintu: Sir, your head hurts and my dad is a headache specialist. The fee is also lower than other doctors.

2. Sunil bought a car on loan. The bank took back the car as the loan installment was not repaid. Sunil Manoman babbled that: If I had known this, I would have taken a loan for marriage too!

3. Teacher- What is it called if a mistake is made and an apology is made? Boy- sensible Teacher- and apologizes without mistake એને.? Boy - Boyfriend 2.

4. Santa went to show the horoscope to the astrologer Astrologer: Is your name Santa? Santa: Yes, yes. Astrologer: Is your wife's name Gagi? Santa: Yes, yes. Astrology: You have a boy and a girl. Santa: Yes, yes. Astrology: Their names are Pinky and Pappu? Santa: Yes, yes. Astrologer: Has he just bought 10 kilograms of wheat? Santa- You're really introverted, Maharaj Astrologer: Go away, it wastes my time from here Now when you come, bring a horoscope નહીં not a ration card

5. Naughty Chiku once asked his mom: Mom, why is your hair turning white? Mom: Every single one of your storms makes my hair turn white. Chiku: Now I understand why all the grandmother's hair is white !!! 6. Look at the clothes of that girl! ' ‘It’s not a girl, it’s a boy. And he is my son. ' ‘Oh M! I'm sorry, I don't know if you'll be the father. ' ‘No father - I am her mother !!’

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