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Thursday, 4 June 2020

NASA is monitoring the threat coming to Earth from the sky - if something like this happens

Not long ago an asteroid was about to collide with the earth but by the grace of God it passed over the side of the earth. But once again an asteroid is about to pass around the Earth. The largest asteroid is named 33163348 (2002 NN4). It will pass a distance of 50.9 lakh km from the Earth on June 6.

According to NASA, its diameter will be between 250 meters and 570 meters. According to the Daily Star website, NASA has classified the asteroid as Aten asteroid. Which is a space rock around the sun and outside the existing extended orbit.

NASA considers the space rock to be an near-earth object, despite the distance from Earth to 2002NN4. Then look at all the asteroids as NEO. Although 1.3 passes through the Earth within an astronomical unit, the term NEO is used by NASA to describe comets and asteroids.

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NASA's 'Asteroid Watch' system tracks asteroids and comets that are about to reach relatively close to Earth. Which shows what their shape, speed will be, when they will pass close to the earth and what the distance of the earth will be. If a speeding space object is likely to come close to 46.5 million miles from Earth, it is considered a dangerous object.

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