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Thursday, 4 June 2020

Narmada will bring drinking water for West Kutch. Good day

By Girish Joshi- 'Bhuj, Ta. 4: West Kutch, which is now facing drinking water problem due to erratic rains, is now facing six months. In the next six months, there is a flurry of laying of Narmada water pipes to alleviate the permanent shortage of drinking water. Additional 150 MLD from Tappar Dam. Details have emerged that the water evacuation operation is finally going on quietly with police protection.

The issue of Narmada irrigation water has been unfair to most parts of Kutch for years. According to the information received, the construction of a 21-km pipeline from Tappar Dam to Anjar has been hampered for three years due to farmers' protests and now the water supply system has completed 60 per cent of the work with the help of police.

Contacting Ashok Vanra, Chief Engineer, Water Supply Board, on the basis of the information received, he confirmed that if the work had started three years ago, there would have been no shortage of drinking water in West Kutch for a year now.

Even now, there is never a shortage of drinking water in most of the area between Bhachau, Rapar, Gandhidham, Anjar and Anjar-Bhuj in East Kutch to reach the Canal Tappar Dam. Narmada water consumption increases due to deepening of local sources in Abdasa, Lakhpat and Bhuj, Mandvi areas due to low rainfall. But from Anjar to Bhuj now 100 MLD daily. There is a system where water can be taken.

Work is now underway to lay a new 21 km pipeline from Tappar Dam to Narmada Headworks at Anjar. The lines have been spread in the ground till Satapar, said Mr. Vanra. Rs. The ambitious Rs 72 crore project for West Kutch is now underway with police protection and another 150 MLD will be released in the next six months. Water can be taken. Progress is being reported on a daily basis for this work.

Asked about the diameter of the pipeline, the official said 1520 mm. The size of the pipe is said to be 150 MLD. And after six months of the current 100 together, half of Kutch will get 250 MLD. He expressed confidence that the water of Narmada would come. Against the progress of the work, he said, it is going on in a roaring manner.

West Kutch, including Bhuj-Mandvi, will receive 250 MLD in the next six months. He also added that water would be available. It is also worth mentioning here that the work of Narmada from Mangwana to Mothala has been completed. And the structure of the drinking water distribution system from Mothala to more than 80 villages in Abadsa is also functioning.

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