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Friday, 5 June 2020

Learn how a boy from a small village in Rajasthan became a constable first and then an IPS officer

I am a resident of Devipura village in Zuznu district of Rajasthan. Father Shri Laxman Singh is a farmer. And mother Mrs. Chanda Devi is a housewife. I am the third of five siblings. Early education took place in the village. The education was average from the beginning, in the eleventh standard my father enrolled in a Sanskrit school, as it is easy to become a teacher after studying Sanskrit and my father wanted me to become a teacher and support my family .
After completing my BA in Sanskrit College, I started preparing for a government job. But when I failed in the recruitment of teachers in Rajasthan, the recruitment of the army, the recruitment of Rajasthan police constables, the recruitment of Delhi police constables started in 2006. A friend of mine was already a sepoy in Delhi Police, he advised me to come to Delhi and join coaching. I was selected for the post of Constable in Delhi Police. The day my constable's result came out, I saw my dad happiest in my life .
Like all middle class boys, the thought came to my mind that I wish I could join IAS. Or IPS. Would. A few days later my sub-inspector got the result, which was passed. This resulted in my confidence and I decided that I too would prepare for the civil service.
I have S.S.C. Gave the paper. After passing out from training, I got a posting at Sangam Vihar police station in Delhi for a year. All the sub-inspectors were working 12-15 hours a day, came to the police station and lost their mind from studying. After 10-11 months my SSC result came and I got Central Manufacturer and Customs, Kerala. I resigned from the Delhi Police in two months and started working in Kerala.
After coming to Kerala, I started giving a little more time to study, but I had to go to Delhi for Hindi medium material, and at the same time, I was getting sad because I was preparing alone. I took the SSC exam again, this time because of my good result I got income tax inspection in Delhi. I joined Delhi in February 2015.
After coming to Delhi, I took some coaching classes, but I did not like the way they were taught, so I started preparing myself. In three attempts I could not even pass the preliminary exam. My self-confidence began to wane, and even with all my strength, nothing came of it.
Meanwhile, people in the house started pushing for marriage, although I got engaged in 2012, so I got married in 2014. After the wedding my wife and a friend of mine not only encouraged me to try further, but also always boosted my courage, helped me overcome my shortcomings. In 2014, I was called for an interview. The same thing happened again, in the final result he was eliminated for number 3. The result came on May 21, I decided that the bus was no more.
For two days I kept thinking that I should sell the books in cartons . One afternoon I was waiting for a patient on the balcony of my house, when later my wife Sunita came and said, "I have been preparing for so many days , it's just a matter of four months, try one more time". This belief of his changed my mind and I decided to sit for the exam once again with full effort. This time I overcame the shortcomings of my previous attempt and finally got selected with 5 marks.
It was my first choice to date in 15 villages around me. When I went home, about 2-3 thousand people were standing in my reception. I enjoyed success together with my whole village.
I have always considered my choice as an opportunity not to be considered my success, which will enable me to alleviate the suffering of those whose troubles I have come to know so closely. That's all I will say in the end
The real flight of life is still left, the real test of life is still left, we are still a handful of land behind the mother, still the whole sky is left.

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