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Friday, 5 June 2020

Khodiyar Mata temple has had a huge beehive for years, devotees coming to the temple have not been stung yet

When the devotee and the Lord become one, faith is created and devotion to God takes place. Proof of this is Thai in a temple in Surat. There is a small temple of Khodiyar Mataji on the shores of the Arabian Sea in Dabhari village of Olpad taluka of Surat. This religious place is also known as Bhagi Wadi. Devotees have unshakable faith and trust in the Khodiyar Mata temple on the beach.

Proof of this is the hive on the main entrance to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. According to the devotees who come to this temple, for the last many years, people have been standing at the main entrance of Mataji's sanctum sanctorum from where people have been standing and entering the temple and visiting Mataji's temple. There the bees make a hive. Surprisingly, the bee has not bitten the devotees who come for Darshan.

The bees seem to be guarding the temple.

Miraculously, the bees do no harm to the devotees who come here. Not only this, with the help of bees you can do the work of guarding the temple. A large number of Mataji's devotees come here on Sundays. It is said that the bee that comes and sits on it is believed to have received Mataji's blessings.

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