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Friday, 5 June 2020

India's proud daughter has to walk for kilometers to get water

India did not allow girls to go out of the kitchen before and now girls are shining the name of the country. ‘Sarita Gaekwad’ is a name that became popular at home after the Asian Games. This daughter of India, who has given medals to the country, is currently suffering. Her hometown is in Dang district and Sarita's village is called Karadi Amba.

Gujarat's Sarita Gaekwad, who won the country's gold medal in the 400 meters at the 2018 Asian Games, is struggling for water. Sarita Gaekwad has to walk more than 1 km for water. Sarita Gaekwad lives in Ahwa, Dang.

Talking to media, Sarita Gaekwad said that there are many areas in Dang where there is not enough water supply. I also walk more than 1 km to fetch water from the house and fetch water from the well.

Laxman Gaekwad, father of Sarita Gaekwad, said the dam is too far away, the name is enough and even the officials do not come to see it and no one pays attention. Work is underway on a checkdam a short distance away but soil is also being filled there so that there is no possibility of flooding.

It may be mentioned here that Dang and surrounding areas face water scarcity problem in summer due to which the locals, tribals are facing water scarcity and have to wade far and wide to fetch water.

Find out who Sarita Gaekwad is

Sarita Gaekwad won a gold medal for India in the ૪ 500m relay at the 2018 Asian Games. She is also the brand ambassador of the Gujarat government's "Save Betty Campaign". Sarita Gaekwad has been selected for the Indian women's team in the મીટર 500m relay at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia. She also became the first track and field player from Gujarat to be selected for the Commonwealth Games.

Sarita Gaekwad, who has made a name for India all over the world by working so hard for the country, is having to fetch water from a distance of one kilometer. This was revealed by sources.

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