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Saturday, 13 June 2020

In just 3 days after the opening of Tirupati temple, devotees donated half a lakh - read special report

The temple of Tirupati Balaji in South India was opened after about 80 days and the devotees showered money as soon as the doors of the temple were opened. The temple staff alone donated more than Rs 65 lakh in the first three days. There, on June 11, the temple opened to the public for the first time since the lockdown. About seven thousand people donated Rs 43 lakh to Tirupati Balaji.
65 lakh was donated in 3 days
The temple was closed due to coronavirus infection. In the first 4 days since the opening of the temple on June 11, the number of donations has crossed one and a half crore. One has donated Rs 43 lakh on the first day in Tirupati Balaji temple and Rs 65 lakh has been donated in the last 3 days.
The Tirupati temple, which has been closed since March 20, was reopened on June 8. Admission was closed for outside devotees on June 8, 9 and 10. Only temple staff and their families were allowed to visit. But in these three days alone, more than Rs 65 lakh was donated to the temple.
On June 11, a donation of 42 lakh 88 thousand rupees was received
On June 8 alone, the temple received more than Rs 25 lakh in donations. The same thing happened on the second day and on June 10, the temple staff donated more than Rs 20 lakh. PRO T of the temple. According to Raveena, this donation was made by our employees. This is his faith in Balaji. The trust is not counting them in rupees. The hundi collection on June 11 has received Rs 42 lakh 88 thousand.
The trust has 21,000 employees
Importantly, the Tirupati Temple Trust has about 21,000 employees and about 8,500 of them are permanent employees. Approximately 13,000 employees are on contract and outsourced. The temple has such a large staff for cleaning and security. There are more than 1500 cleaning staff here. More than that are engaged in security operations.
Damage of about Rs 500 crore to the temple in 80 days of lockdown
PRO T of the temple. According to Raveena, the temple suffered a loss of about Rs 500 crore in the 80 days of the lockdown. On normal days, the temple earns about Rs 220 crore per month. Most of it comes from hundi collection up to Rs 170 crore. In 2019, the temple collected about Rs 1,100 crore in hundi, but this time the temple had to close due to a lockdown before the start of the financial year. Which has led to a large gap in donations.
Tirupati Tirupati Balaji's temple on Thursday 6 thousand 998 devotees darshan of Lord Balaji. Of these, 141 were from Telangana and 151 from Karnataka. Devotees also came from Maharashtra, New Delhi, Arunachal Pradesh, Pondicherry and West Bengal. 
A large number of people gathered outside the temple for free tickets. The corona of 200 devotees is being tested daily in the temple for security reasons. People are being randomly selected for this test.
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