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Sunday, 7 June 2020

In India, no one knows what happens to a peacock when it dies - watch the video

The national bird of India is the peacock. The only reason is that there is hardly a beautiful bird like a peacock. Everyone knows that the peacock is known as the national bird of India. And many songs and sayings may have been written on the peacock.
The peacock is a well-known bird that lives close to the human population, especially the male peacock with its colorful feathered tail. In the rainy season, when the clouds are thundering and ready to rain, the male peacock spreads its feathers and dances, slowly circling and fluttering its spread feathers, which is called "kala kari". The purpose is to attract the female peacock.
Peacock has a special place in Hinduism. Lord Krishna always wore peacock feathers in his crown from his childhood and mother Saraswati also wears peacock feathers. It is also written in Hindu scriptures that the vehicle of Lord Shiva's son Kartikeya was a peacock. In a way, peacock has a special place in the image of any Hindu deity for decoration. Even in the present times, in many temples, the wind is blown by a fan made of peacock feathers to the Lord during Aarti.
You may know many things about peacocks but this is one thing that is very important but you will hardly know anyone. Or what is done with peacocks when they die? So here is a video that has gone viral. Which clearly shows what is done with the dead peacock. The dead peacock is bid farewell to the world like a martyr. Just like when a jawan of the Indian Army is martyred, tricolors are wrapped around him. And then the national bird of India, the peacock, is greeted at the time of his death in the same way that he is greeted and bid farewell. A video of which has gone viral here.

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