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Friday, 5 June 2020

If sex is not done for years, it will have such an effect on the body - every young person reads specially

Fontanelle is a famous writer. Who currently resides in Paris. One day at the age of 27, Sophie suddenly decided to abstain from sex. Sophie mentions why she made this decision and how her life was affected by not having sex for 12 years, in her book "The Art of Sleeping Alone".
Sophie, 57, recently told the New York Times in an interview about the physical and mental changes she had suffered from not having sex for 12 years. Sophie said she became her boyfriend when she was 22 and they had been in a relationship for five years. During this time Sophie did everything she could to make her boyfriend happy. Then one day Sophie realized that there was nothing wrong with trying to please everyone. He tried to find out if he was satisfied with himself. Such questions suddenly popped into Sophie's mind.
Sophie found her sex life boring and was having a hard time accepting it. Says Sophie, “Usually people find it difficult to be interested in sex. In France in particular, food and sex have always been a priority. ”
Sophie told her boyfriend she wanted to be alone. Friends asked Sophie if she loved anyone else. In response Sophie stated that she wanted to give her body a little rest. Sophie wanted to know what her body wanted other than sex. Sophie says it is important to have confidence in your partner when it comes to building a physical relationship. So you can be with your partner with body, heart and mind. Sophie dared to talk to her partner one day and decided to stay away from sex.
"I was very happy to be able to make this decision," she said. I have no regrets over my decision. Many desires began to arise in me and it is special that these desires were not towards any man. '
સાથે-સાથે તે જણાવતા કહે છે કે, “હું ઘણું બધું કરવા માંગતી હતી. હું ફરવા માટે ગ્રીસ ગઈ, જ્યાં મેં સ્વિમિંગ શરૂ કર્યું, મને અનુભવાયું કે મને પાણીમાં રહેવું સારું લાગી રહ્યું છે. હું મિત્રો સાથે હસતી અને પૂરો સમય આપતી હતી. હું દરેક રીતે ખુશ હતી અને પોતાને આઝાદ અનુભવતી હતી.’ સોફીનું કહેવું છે કે જ્યારે તમે પોતાની બોરિંગ સેક્સ લાઈફ પર ફોક્સ કરવાનું બંધ કરો તો હકીકતમાં તમારી આંખો ખુલી જાય છે. તમે અન્ય લોકો અંગે જાણવા માંગો છે અને પ્રેમ ઉપરાંત જીવનની અન્ય બાબતો પર વાત કરવા ઈચ્છો છો.”
"People were worried about my way of life, but my decision was clear," she said. There were a lot of people who didn't have a good sex life and they wanted someone to live a life like me somehow. Sophie says not having sex doesn't mean you're sad or boring. It means you are free. You learn to love yourself and you love more than you do and you are always happy.
In an interview, Sophie said, "Most people consider sex to be one of the most important things in life but for me it is even more important to love and fulfill my hobbies and dreams. My body is not a machine to me and it took me a long time to realize this. ” Finally Sophie said, "You have someone you can share everything with, you don't need anything else in your life and you can live your life as you wish." Sex should be a choice, not a necessity. ”

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