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Friday, 12 June 2020

Hearing about the lockdown again, crowds of parents flocked to the pan-spice shops - such scenes were created.

The government has been slowly releasing lockdowns since March 25 across the country to curb the spread of the corona virus. In the midst of all this, a message is going viral on social media, claiming that a complete lockdown will be imposed in the country once again from June 15. Such rumors are being spread.
Rumors that the government will implement lockdown again are going viral on social media as corona cases are on the rise across Gujarat. However, such messages that go viral on WhatsApp are easily accepted by people. It has been clarified many times by the Gujarat government that the lockdown will not be implemented again. Yet fears of a lockdown have spread among the people. In Naswadi in Chhota Udepur, rumors of a lockdown went viral again and people rushed to get pan-masala. There were also loose hand fights between merchants and customers.
At present, most of the people in Gujarat are asking the same question, whether the lockdown will resume or not. And the reason behind it is the same, the message that has gone viral on social media by some anti-social elements. In Naswadi in Chhota Udepur in Teva too, people rushed to the wholesaler's shop to buy pan-masala for fear of rumors that a lockdown would be imposed again.
According to those present, the wholesaler's men took Vimal's bags from there. Even though the shopkeeper explained to the people many times, no one believed the viral message and listened to the shopkeeper. And the trader was forced to take gutkha. 
This was followed by scuffles between traders and customers. And this incident took place in front of the Mamlatdar staff. And the staff was watching all this spectacle. Lirelira dresses of rules, including social distance, were seen flying.
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