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Saturday, 6 June 2020

Gujarat's malls and temples-mosques and hotels will open from Monday - find out what rules you can follow

Gandhinagar, Ta. June 6: Mall will open subject to conditions from Monday, June 8, according to central government guidelines, temples, mosques, hotels and restaurants are all opening as per government guidelines. Temples and places of worship will open. But devotees will not get prasad
What will be the rules:
Believers cannot touch God or even take the dead. You have to keep a distance of 5 feet while performing pooja. Boots, slippers must also be kept in the car.
People will have to go through a process like six feet distance in a religious place, restaurant and mall, face mask, sanitization and thermal screening.
Sanitizers must be placed near the entrance to religious places. Devotees cannot ring bells or touch religious texts. The guidelines state that those going to malls, hotels and religious places must have a health bridge app in their phone, wear a face mask and others must be at least 6 feet apart.
Religious places, hotels, malls will throb again from Monday. Social distance and masks must be observed everywhere. Prasad cannot be found in temples, devotees cannot ring bells. God cannot be touched. Strict guidelines for shopping malls, hotels, restaurants. The crowd should not be allowed to gather. Shops will open in malls but cinema houses will not.

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