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Friday, 5 June 2020

Good news for Mawa lovers: Mawa is available online, place an order on this website

On the one hand, the government wants to reduce the addiction of the people by increasing the VAT on tobacco in the budget every year, on the other hand, online sale of tobacco, panmasala, mawa has also started. Times are changing. Fashion design clothes, shoes, electronic items, vegetables, everything can be bought online at a touch on a mobile-computer. Mawa has also been put up for sale online keeping in mind the addictions of the people.      
The system and the government have given concessions for the necessities of life throughout the state. But in cities like Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Junagadh, online orders of pan, masala-mawa are available at this discount. Not only this, there is no charge for home delivery. In cities like Rajkot, Jamnagar and Surat, some leaf traders are making such goods by talking on the phone. It is also providing home delivery service to customers.
Some vendors in the city have started selling mawa and pan-masala online. At the same time vendors have also started offering home delivery service to customers. However, some people who are addicted to mawa and pan-masala and find it addictive have also been seen shopping online. Vendors are selling Mawa and Pan-Masala online through Facebook's Marketplace. Also giving home delivery to customers for free.
A website called
Mawa is priced at Rs 15 on a website called Apart from raw 135 mawa, tobacco, cigarettes and spices are also available at prices ranging from Rs 22 to Rs 110. Along with the sale of Pan-Mawa, its review is also available on the website. Mawa started from Kathiawar and reached online all over the world, wonderful Kathiawar!
Some bonds are also using it. They are receiving such orders through phone and text messages. However, in a city like Rajkot, double prices of pan, faki, mawa-masala are being charged behind closed doors. This is how looting is going on in times of lockdown. Mawa is being sold at Rs 15 and cigarettes at Rs 600. It is also commonly seen that the delivery boy who comes to deliver the item at home is accompanied by a roadblock who is asked to bring it from the seller's house. One or two mava easily stays in the packing. Reaches the customer.
Apart from this, the prices of other paddy and dried arecanuts are also being taken advantage of. Some bonds are stockpiling pan-spices in bulk. So some raw materials such as raw arecanuts, shekel arecanuts or perfume cans are being ordered and run at home. 
But even such goods are not easily available and not cheap at this time. Exemption of necessities of life in times of lockdown is also being misused to some extent. On the other hand, the police have also become vigilant about this. 
Last week, a customer carrying pan masala in a thermos was nabbed by police in Ahmedabad. The man hid the pan masala in a large steel thermos. When told by the police, he is going to give tea-breakfast to the poor. The scandal erupted when police investigated the suspect. The thermos had a milk bag on the top while it had this kind of stuff on the bottom.

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