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Friday, 5 June 2020

Get the helpline number for asking questions about the exams of every university in Gujarat here

School-colleges were closed due to the lockdown of the Corona epidemic. The exams of the students have stopped. Students of 2nd and 4th semester of UG will get promotion on merit basis. While 6 semester students have decided to take the exams. The exam was to start from June 25 first. Now its dates have changed and are from 2nd June to 13th June. The students are confused.
To remove the confusion of such students, every university in Gujarat has come out with its own helpline number. Students can call and ask any questions about the exam.
The name of each university and its helpline number is as under : -
Gujarat University: - 9725990664/9913061308
M.S. University: - 8511335589/9924945977
Kutch University: - 9727556810/8128389233
Sardar Patel University: - 7069107750/8128389233
Bhavnagar University: - 9725729962/9033822576
GTU (Gujarat Technical University): - 9723746434/8866810149
HNGU (Patan): - 9978279571/9737975929
Govind Guru University: - 9106565114/9726017070 VNSGU
: - 8306666295/9725142485
Narasimha Mehta University: - 9913731441
Jamnagar Ayurvedic University: - 9009590085
Saurashtra University: - 9933646800/8000

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