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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Finally, the cleaning of Bhuj's Hamirsar lake started

Bhuj, Ta. 2: With the celebration of 'Jalpedi', concern was expressed about the vegetation spreading in 'Hamirsar' and the boat unloading and cleaning was started by Bhuj Municipality at the end. As many as 17,000 fish like Ruhu and Katla, which purify water by eating unwanted vegetation, were eaten in Hamirsar.

In keeping with the ancient tradition, every local water source in Bhuj was renovated for rainwater harvesting on the day of 'Bhim Agiyaras' before the arrival of rains as per the tradition of folk culture, today 'S program was held. In which the encroaching vegetation in Hamirsar lake was also discussed.

MLA Dr. Nimaben Acharya also said that the problem would be solved if everyone understood their responsibility and cooperated in this work. Sudharai President Lataben Solanki, Chairman Bharatbhai Rana said that the municipality would take full responsibility for the conservation of Hamirsar lake and at the same time the boat was unloaded and cleaned in Hamirsar.

He also informed that Hamirsar beautification work will be started soon. Upendrabhai Upadhyay hoped for good rains and expressed concern over the vegetation called `Filamentus algae 'spreading in the lake. Pankajbhai Joshi of Sahajivan Sanstha said that this plant should be removed as it invades like a wild acacia.

Yogeshbhai Jadeja of ACT said that an experiment was being carried out to remove water bacteria by taking water samples from seven lakes of Bhuj and adding JS water in them. .

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Tarun Kantbhai Chhaya of JSSS, Trustee of Setu Abhiyan Arunbhai Vachchharajani, Zaverilalbhai Soneji, Ornithologist Navinbhai Bapat and others expressed their views. Asim Mishra of HIC, Bhavsinh Kher, Divyaben Vaidya, Manishaben Jadeja of Act, Gaurav Parmar, Jai Anjaria and corporators and Hamirsarpremi citizens were present.

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