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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Explosive-laden pineapple fed to elephant in the form of Ganesha

A heartbreaking incident has taken place in the Silent Valley Forest of Kerala. A pregnant elephant was given a large pineapple. But let me tell you that humanity is a far cry here but no one has killed a wild animal so cruelly.

The pineapple given in the mouth of a pregnant elephant was filled with big bom i.e. firecrackers. And someone fed this pregnant elephant a pineapple full of fireworks. And after the pregnant elephant put the pineapple in the mouth, the bomb exploded and the pregnant elephant died.

There was a lot of outrage among the people as soon as they came across this incident. What did a dumb animal do to you? Many such questions were raised by the people. And no one is committing such a serious incident despite your stay. Currently, people on Twitter are getting very upset about this incident. The incident came to light after a forest official described the details of the horrific death on social media.

The wild elephant had left the forests of Silent Valley in Palakkad district, wandering in a nearby village in search of food. According to forest officials, the elephant is suspected to have eaten pineapple. Firecracker pineapples made by the people are commonly used by the locals to protect their farms against wild boar.

The elephant trusted everyone and ate whatever people gave her, but how did she know that this pineapple would go into her stomach and kill her and the little elephant she had kept in her stomach for 15 to 18 months? ”Said a forest official who was part of the Rapid Response Team Mohan Krishna said on Facebook.

The explosion of firecrackers in the mouth of the elephant was so powerful that its tongue and mouth were badly injured. The elephant was seen roaming in the village, in pain and hunger. She was unable to eat anything due to injuries. "She did not harm a single human being as she ran through the village streets in agony. He did not crush a single house. That is why I said, it is full of deities, ”Krishna wrote in Malayalam in an emotional note with a photo of an elephant.

Eventually the elephant went into the river and there he drowned his mouth which caused him relief. The forest official said she must have done this to avoid injuries and other injuries. Forest officials called in other elephants to get him out.

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But Krishna wrote that I did not allow them to do anything, even though the elephants came, I refused to stop them. After hours of efforts by authorities to rescue the elephant, she died in the water on May 27 at 4 p.m. The elephant was taken inside the forest in a truck, where forest officials conducted his funeral.

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