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Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Demand made by the Student Protection Committee: Cancel the examination of the students of the last semester

This post has been written for a student from Gujarat and you will find information here easily and very well .In Corona epidemic the government gives new rules and all the information of new rules for students will be given below
You will find information below and detailed information
The state government has decided to give mass promotions to the students of Semester 2 and 4 in view of the Corona epidemic (COVID-19) as per the guidelines of UGC. 
But the students studying in Semester 6 and the final semester have written a letter to the Chief Minister, the Minister of Education, demanding that their examinations be canceled and promotions be announced.
Students of Vidyarthi Raksha Samiti in Surat have demanded that the examinations be canceled in the last semester and the decision taken by the government be reconsidered. Students say that if only mute colleges are in the containment zone, how can they go there and take exams amidst mental pressure at the risk of students' lives?
If some students come from the content zone to take the exam, who will take the responsibility for whether they will be the carrier of the corona or not? Students are wondering whether all the colleges will have adequate sanitation facilities. If yes, can all students be sanitized within the time limit?
How can a Basel student write well with a student who is constantly sitting next to him or her without a corona?
Some students who have passed Semester 6 but have ATKT in the previous year and who are going to another state or other country for further studies but their exams have been shifted to October-November due to Corona epidemic, they will have too much time for further studies. 
If possible, it is demanded that mass promotion be given to ATKT students subject to certain conditions.
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