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Saturday, 6 June 2020

Carrie, the king of fruits, will have such a history, you may not have even dreamed.

Now the summer season has arrived. Then the mango season is frozen, so everyone from man to Prime Minister Modiji has a special love for mango. Mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines, while mango is the official national tree of Bangladesh. It is a matter of pride that mango is the third largest crop in the world and its gift has been given to the world by India. During the summer of the year, more than 1500 varieties of mangoes are produced all over India. And besides, Honshe Honshe is eaten. India seems to become creamy in summer.  
Mango has been cultivated in India for more than 6000 years. A mango bears fruit 4-5 years after planting. Ordinary mango bears fruit for 50 years while Hafus bears fruit for 200 years. One thing that Modiji talked about is that Huansang also took Kerry to China. On his way back from defeating Alexander Porus, Greece loaded a basket of mangoes. The Mughals from Babur to Aurangzeb were fond of caries. Thus Panna, Aam Pulav etc. are the gift of their cooks. Begum used to carry mangoes in cold water taps and Mughal emperors used to eat them.
Nurjahan used to mix mango pulp and rose in wine and serve it. Shah Jahan was especially fond of Dara as he was very good at writing. The Mughals also used to make new curry dishes at Rosa's Iftar party. More than a million of Akbar's mangoes were planted by the Peshwas, and it was from these that the Portuguese invented the Carrie King Alfonso. Credit goes to certain Portuguese for their formal involvement in the trade.
Carrie is specially mentioned in every scripture of Hinduism. It is written in Varahapuran that 5 mango grower never goes to hell. In Buddhism, the knowledge of Lord Buddha is done under mango. The seat of Jain Goddess Ambika is also under the mango. Any good occasion remains incomplete until a kalash is installed by placing a mango garland and a copper lote nariyar on the mango leaf. Whether it is Ram Lalla or Ganesha, every god is offered in mango offerings. From Saraswati Amramanjari to Reese, we hold occasions there to boost the immunity of newborns by squeezing mango blossoms. Remains have been found in Chobari village in Gujarat that the Pandavas held a party of mango juice-bread by performing Yajna here. For proof there are still large mangoes and loaves of stone present today.
The shepherds of Saurashtra, the inheritors of Gop culture, sing Hudaras at the Tarnetaria fair or on the eighth day of Gokal. Hincolo mango habitats bound gold ... silver rings, four ... members of my swing ray mango habitats ... kanaiyo atop the tree swing. Woman Comments Kerry dithe molar hug ... get the atise intake Curfew its youth . A woman like Rudi Padmani of Rupa, a mango ripened on a mango head and an ambali sitting with amblia in her stomach, water comes out of a man's mouth as soon as he sees it. As the saying goes, all three should be used judiciously. Excessive use is found in the dust of youth. The young become prematurely exhausted.
Kerry's funny sayings are also connected with the traders who do Kerry's seasonal business. Like mango, banana and onion, its trader is sick in May . One loaf to one hundred loaves. If there is nothing like vegetables after mango juice, then you can eat as much bread as you like with the juice.

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