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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Arthritis withdrew millions of rupees by asking to sanitize ATMs

In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, an unidentified person has stolen Rs 8.2 lakh under the pretext of sanitizing an ATM. The brother broke into the 65-year-old security guard sitting outside the ATM. Seeing the sanitation machine with him, the guard let him go.

Police said the incident took place when a customer went to withdraw money at the ATM and saw a stranger inside doing something with the machine. The customer thought he was a bank man and walked out. Then a stranger also took a bag and got out from inside and got into a rickshaw without looking around. The security guard became suspicious of him and tried to stop the rickshaw but he kept going.

The bank manager came and saw that Rs 8.2 lakh had been stolen from the ATM. Police have registered a case and are searching for the unidentified thief.

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