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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

After the terror of corona and locusts, now another virus has knocked, 5 people have died in this country, know what are the symptoms?

Corona virus has not stopped in the whole world, but a new virus is being seen there. According to the information received, now a new virus has knocked in Congo. The virus is being referred to as the Ebola virus. Let me tell you, this has been confirmed by the local authorities as well as the World Health Organization. According to the information received, six new cases of Congo Ebola have been reported, out of which 5 people have died.

Six new cases of the Ebola virus have been reported in the western city of Mabandaka, Congolese health official Etienne Longondo said Monday. Of these, 5 patients have died. Doctors and medicines have been sent to the affected area, he said.

The Democratic Republic of Congo was announcing the end of the Ebola epidemic in April when new cases surfaced. In addition to Ebola, the DRC has also been battling measles and mumps epidemics. Let me tell you, this is the second time since the year 2018, when new cases of Ebola virus have come up in Congo.

Ebola kills more than 2275 people

The Congolese Ministry of Health has provided information on cases of the Ebola virus, said Tedros, director general of the World Health Organization. However, in the city where cases of Ebola virus have been reported, no case of Corona virus has been reported so far. However, about 3000 crore cases have been reported in Congo so far.

Corona and Ebola have nothing to do, he said. Just 1 month ago, the Congo announced the presence or absence of Ebola in the country and overcoming the epidemic. Ebola has killed more than 2275 people here in the last 2 years.

According to the WHO, Congo and many African countries are facing shortages of test kits and other health facilities. In such cases, a sudden increase in cases of infection may be recorded here. Outbreaks of measles have also been reported in the Congo, affecting 350,000 people since January 2019, killing more than 6,500 people. Congo is also one of the African countries where locusts are endemic.

Symptoms of Ebola virus:

Ebola is a regional disease in the tropical rainfed region of Africa, which is spread when an infected person comes in contact with body fluids. Symptoms include sudden fever, weakness, muscle aches, and sore throat.

This is followed by vomiting, diarrhea and in some cases internal and external bleeding. Excessive bleeding increases the risk of death. In humans, it is spread through direct contact with infected animals such as chimpanzees, bats and deer. The disease is spread rapidly through the clothes, saliva, etc. of an infected person.

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