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Sunday, 7 June 2020

2 in Khambha, 1 inch in Dhari flooded markets, heavy rains in Amreli, Rajkot, Gondal

Even in the city of Amreli, the cold weather prevailed with a slow rainy weather

 In Bhavnagar, the debris of the upper floor collapses

 Chakkajam highway on Bagasara-Kunkavav road with four acacia trees

Amreli.  It rained heavily in Rajkot and Gondal.  Heavy rains lashed areas including Hadmatala, Shapar-Veraval in Gondal. Heavy rains lashed Jasdan and Jetpur talukas with heavy winds and thunderstorms.  Roads were also flooded.  Two more inches of rain fell in Khambha today.  Roads in Khambha have been flooded due to heavy rains.  The markets have been flooded with rain water. It has been unbearably hot and bubbling in Dhari since this morning and people were sweating profusely.  It started raining with a thunderstorm around 12 noon and in a few minutes the market in the city was flooded.  The rain fell approximately 1 inch.  As soon as the rains started, the city was struck by lightning.

 Heavy rains caused rivers to overflow in Jafrabad and Rajula
 Heavy rains also lashed Jafarabad.  It rained in Mansa, Lok, Hemal, Dudhala, Sarovada, Katar and other villages of Jafrabad.  Megharaja arrived in Khambha on the third day today.  After unbearable heat in the morning, the arrival of rain has cooled the atmosphere.  There were scenes of river flowing on the road with rain water.  This caused drivers and pedestrians to stop for a while.  It also rained heavily in Atkot of Jasdan. It also rained in the rural areas of Rajula.  It rained for the second day in a row in Rajula's surrounding villages including Jinjka, Dangu, Mandal.  The fields have become waterlogged.  Debris from the upper floor of a house owned by Iqbalbhai Ahmedbhai in Ambli's notch in Jogiwad area of ​​Bhavnagar exploded and damaged a bike parked below.

 The trees were uprooted by strong winds
 Trees have collapsed near Ambardi village in Savarkundla.  As a result, Pipavav Ambaji State Highway has been closed.  A long traffic jam has been created due to falling trees on the highway.  There is also a road connecting Rajula to Savarkundla, which has caused a lot of inconvenience to motorists.  Trees have collapsed due to strong winds and rains.

 Rain for the fourth day in a row in Botad district
 It rained for the fourth day in a row in Botad district. It rained in Botad, Gadda and Ranpur panth.  It started raining with wind in the city at noon and it started raining slowly.  The farmers are happy with the continuous rains. Due to the continuous rains, water is flowing in the rivers and canals.

 Slow Assumption of Rainfall in Amreli
 Rainy weather is being witnessed in Saurashtra for the fifth day today.  Amreli district also received light rains today.  There is a sense of happiness among the farmers when it rains slowly.  Because of the slow rains, farmers believe that all the water seeps into the soil and the sowing is done well.  The city of Amreli has been experiencing a cold spell with light rains.

 Rain on the third day in Lathi
 Meghaswari has reached Lathi in Amreli on the third day today.  It rained slowly in Lathi city and rural areas.  Thus the cooling diffusers in the atmosphere are relieved from the heat.

 Rain in Gariadhar
 In Gariadhar panth, it rained with wind. In rural areas including Surnivas, Parvadi, Motivavadi, Jalia, Mandvi, Pansada of Gariadhar taluka, the weather changed and it rained with the wind.  Preparations have begun.

 Rain for the fourth day in a row in Barwal
 It rained on the fourth day in Barwala.  The electricity was cut off.  It rained in Botad, Nagalpur, Salangpur, Gadda and Ranpur panth.  It rained in Barwala, Khambhada, Kundal and surrounding districts in the afternoon.

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