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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

You too will be amazed to know these miraculous mysteries of the world which no one has been able to solve till date.

Our world is so big, where all kinds of strange mysteries are spread. Some have been solved, but hundreds of mysteries have not yet been solved. Many attempts were made to resolve them but to this day no compromise has been reached. Today we are going to introduce you to some of these unsolved mysteries that most people do not know.

A semicircle that holds the entire river:

Known as "The Devil's Kettle", this hole carries half the water of the river. But to this day no scientist in the world knows where this water goes.

Direct figures on the desert: 

There are such figures on this desert surface in Najka Lines, Najka Desert, Southern Peruperu, that may surprise you. Some of these figures look like humans, plants and animals. Apart from this there are also straight lines on the surface. These lines are believed to have existed since 200 B, CE.

These lines are spread over 500 square kilometers. With the help of a helicopter, they can be seen more clearly. It is also said that UFOs from other planets landed here, causing a lot of formation on the surface.

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Sliding stones:

Slippery Stones, Death Valley, California આ Hundreds of stones are present at this location, known as Death Valley. These stones of different weights are mysteriously present in this dry desert. Some of the stones seem to be moving forward.

There is a long line behind them. The view here is such that you will be amazed to see. There is no evidence of any human or animal pulling these stones, as there are no traces on the ground. Some people believe that rocks exist in this way due to geographical changes or storms.

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One inch short skeleton:

Lentils are a place in the ghost town of Chile where a 6-inch male skeleton was found. The skeletal teeth were as strong as stone. After all the research, it was believed that the skeleton belonged to a human. But the question arises as to how such a small man's teeth can be. Even today this mystery remains unsolved.

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