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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Why doesn't the coronavirus cause all the deaths? America discovered the reason- you know too

Corona virus has infected millions of people around the world and they have lost their lives. Millions of people have also recovered from the Corona virus. Scientists in the US have claimed that people with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to be infected with the coronavirus than others.

For this, the data of some of the people who died from the corona virus around the world were analyzed. In addition to the US, data from China, France, Germany, Iran, South Korea, Spain and Britain were studied in a study by Northwestern University in the US.

Italy's healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world. It also studied the mortality rates of countries that had tested the same corona, which was clearly related to vitamin D deficiency. There was a direct relationship between vitamin D levels and cytokines. Cytotine is a group of micro-proteins that cells use to give signals. This condition can be fatal even if the immune system overreacts to cytokines.

In many cases of corona virus, the patient's death is due to an over reaction of the immune system. According to a researcher from Northwestern University, vitamin D deficiency showed high secretion of cytokines. Increased cytokines cause severe damage to the lungs. Not only that, it can exacerbate fatal respiratory distress syndrome. This is how most of the patients of Kovid-19 died.

By protecting against the virus, vitamin D not only keeps the immune system healthy but also prevents it from overreacting. The biggest source of vitamin D is sunlight. In addition, milk and milk products and fish are good sources, so according to the scientists of Northwestern University, there will be more research in the world on the relationship between vitamin D and urine.

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