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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Who will be the first to find the corona vaccine: this is the strategy of the Government of India

The world battling the corona virus is trying to find a cure. Billions of dollars are being spent on research to find a vaccine for corona. So that millions of lives could be saved. The way the Covid-19 has piled up the corpses has made even the superpowers tremble. No matter how much the corona vaccine is found, no matter what the cost. Every country tries to get them first as soon as the vaccine is made. But it's not that simple.

Trillions of dollars have been paid to find a vaccine for the virus. Scientists are working hard to develop a vaccine. One estimate is that the scientist will find the vaccine within a year. The country that invents the vaccine first will become the most powerful country in the world. Developed countries have done exclusive deals with a number of research companies. So that after the curry vaccine is found, they get it first. Countries like America, Britain, France are using money like water for vaccines.

The first attempt by a country to make a vaccine would be to keep a reserve stock of the vaccine to combat the epidemic. That means the export of the vaccine will be banned. It can take years for a vaccine to reach another country. The issue of the corona vaccine is caught between economics, politics and health. It may take time for the vaccine to reach the poorest country, as the country seeking the vaccine will only help them when its citizens are safe.

The Government of India wants to vaccinate its citizens as soon as possible. Simultaneous testing of 14 vaccines is underway in the country. 4 of which are ready to go into the advanced stage. The government is in constant contact with the World Health Organization and other global health institutes so that the vaccine can be obtained as soon as it is discovered. The government will allow any effective vaccine on every front as soon as possible, according to Renu Swarup, secretary of the Department of Biotechnology.


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