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Friday, 22 May 2020

Vandhay Umiya Mata reached Narmada Nir by pipe to the institute

Vithon (Ta. Nakhtrana), Ta. 22: He was greeted at Umiya Mataji Sansthan in Vandhaya when he reached Narmada through a pipeline. Nir was anointed in the temple with chanting.

 On this occasion, the president of the organization Hansrajbhai Dholu, general secretary Babubhai Chopra, Gangarambhai Chauhan, Prof. That. V. Patidar, Gangarambhai Ramani, Shivjibhai Kanani etc. were present. President Hansrajbhai made efforts for this. He hopes that the water of Narmada from the canal will also satisfy the area.

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