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Friday, 22 May 2020

Two labor special trains leave Bhuj-Gandhidham for Chhapra

Gandhidham, Ta. 22: Two trains from Bhuj and Gandhidham to Bihar today departed from the workers' special trains run by the central government to send home workers trapped in the lockdown. While the train to Uttar Pradesh was postponed.

Today, two trains of the same route were run by the railway administration in Bihar. According to the details received in this regard, the train from Bhuj to Varanasi and from Bhuj to Chhapra and from Gandhidham to Sasaram in Bihar was to go today. But ‘late last night only’ was changed. In which the train from Bhuj to Varanasi was postponed and from Gandhidham to Sasaram instead of Chhapra train was run.

In this train, 1621 workers including 45 from Bhuj and 1576 from Gandhidham were waiting for their homeland through this train. All tourists were given food packets and water. They were kept in the train while maintaining social distance at night. The staff of the administration took care of the arrangements. Meanwhile, the labor special train from Bhuj to Chhapra (Bihar) left at 10 am with 1690 laborers. DYSP Mr. Panchal maintained masks, social distance and other arrangements.

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