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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Tiktok fame Kirti Patel later lodged a police complaint against her sister- Find out what the crime was

Currently, the whole of India, including Gujarat, is in lockdown. It is strictly forbidden to let anyone out of the house without work. In Lockdown 4, the Gujarat state government has now given concessions in many places across the state but no special concessions have been given in the containment zone yet. A video of the social media app Tiktak star girl has gone viral on social media.

Breaking the lockdown, the girl has made two videos on the city's Isanpur bridge. The video on the Isanpur bridge was initially speculated to be. Then the clarification was also done. Now the big question is whether the young lady made the video viral at night in a strict lockdown. The video is currently making waves on social media.

According to the information received, the girl broke the lockdown on Isanpur Bridge in Ahmedabad and made a video on social media app Tiktok saying, "It's all right, Modiji, open the lockdown." It remains to be seen why.

Just three days ago on the Isanpur bridge, a young woman named Sonal Nayak broke the late night lockdown and made a tic-tac-toe video on the bridge. Amidst the negligence of the Isanpur police to close the bridge, Sonu Naik made a video of Commissioner Ashish Bhatia's execution of a strict lockdown by the police.

While in another video, a young woman falls asleep on the road. In another video, the young woman falls asleep on the bridge and says, "Show the lockdown address sleeping like this, that's right." I showed it to you while you were asleep. '

It may be mentioned here that on the one hand, the state police chief and the Ahmedabad police commissioner are talking about strict enforcement of lockdowns across the city, while on the other hand, some tick-tock Russians are also violating declarations to make tick-locks in lockdowns. Violators of the lockdown are taking to the streets to make videos.

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