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Sunday, 24 May 2020

This is the thing that came to mind after the Surat fire, know the unique story of Arju Khunt.

This is the thing that came to mind after the Surat fire, know the unique story of Arju Khunt.Who tastes Ram Rakhe? This famous saying came true during the fire at Takshashila Arcade. Arju Kishorebhai Khunt, who was doing a jewelery design course, was trapped on the third floor. The stairs to the descent were engulfed in flames.

So, finally taking the name of God he jumped from the third floor. Meanwhile, a man from the crowd standing below grabbed Arjun. Thus, he was miraculously saved.

Three children were killed in the Takshashila arcade fire. Arju Sumul, 20, daughter of jeweler Kishorebhai Khunt, who lives in Yogichok Mansarovar Residency and is in business, is studying at SY BBA at Avi Patel College on Dairy Road.

Arju last date. On May 7, Gozara went to take a course in jewelery design in a class on the third floor of Takshashila Arcade. Suddenly there was a fire below. The students who caught fire gathered in a corner on the third floor. After a while, it took on a monstrous form. So, the students were trapped. There was no way to get down as there was a fire on the stairs.

The students were horrified by the smoke and heat in the room. He called his father to say he was on fire. Arju remembered God by calling his father. She jumped from the third floor with her eyes closed, praying to God. Arju was caught by a stranger standing in the crowd below.

Arjun, who jumped from the third floor, was grabbed by a man standing below. He started rescuing the other students by keeping the girl standing next to him. Father Kishorebhai reached Takshashila Arcade from Yogichok. The daughter was standing side by side crying. Her clothes were dirty and contaminated with smoke.

So, changing clothes at home he was admitted to the hospital. The onset of pain p. P. Savani was admitted to the hospital. He was discharged on Monday night. Thus, in the Gozari tragedy, many strangers saved the lives of the students and glorified humanity.

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