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Friday, 22 May 2020

This daughter from Surat has been feeding the poor for 50 days at her own expense - find out more

Sadhanaben Savalia is the daughter of the Leua Patidar community of Surat who ignited the flame of humanity in the city of Surat during the difficult times of the Koro virus epidemic.

Sadhana Ben Savalia, who provided his two-time nutritious meal to all the poor and needy by keeping his youth team together in all areas of Surat city during this difficult time of Koro epidemic, knows that it can be said to be another form of God, God or Paramatman.

Sadhna Ben Savalia owns her own S24 news channel network in Surat city. Sadhana Ben Savalia, who has her own news network and huge public relations, is sociable, compassionate and philanthropic in nature, as well as a formidable force, which means that your visit with Sadhana Ben Savalia becomes a permanent memento.

There are so few words to write about Sadhana Ben Savalia, who has a very large and wide circle of friends due to his sociable nature and always gives up all his work in social service, social welfare and philanthropy and is always active in all such works.

Sadhana Ben Savalia To get service activity and higher education during school days, towards which Sadhana Ben, who worked hard and with passion, also has higher education today. God is very kind to Sadhana Ben Savalia. Pray to the merciful God.

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