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Thursday, 28 May 2020

The government will retire 1,200 employees by the end of 2020 and 1,200 by the end of 2021.

During the retirement season in the Secretariat and other offices, the General Administration Department has sought details of vacancies or vacancies from other departments so that there is no shortage.

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Gujarat's secretariat and government offices are being vacated as the retirement age of employees has started for the last five years. 

The time has come for the Rai government to recruit staff. This recruitment is not loose but has to be done in bulk. In Rai's government offices, the time has come for a large number of 15,000 to 15,000 employees to retire every year.

An interesting finding in employee retirement is that most employees retire in June and July each year. More than 60,000 government employees have retired in 2017, meaning the government will have to fill their vacancies. In these circumstances, the Rai government will need to organize a mega recruitment fair.

An official in Rai's general administration department said government recruitment agencies have been asked to start large recruitments, while details of vacancies have also been sought from government departments.

 The shocking thing is that 12,500 employees are retiring in 2030 and 12,500 in 2021.

The huge staff of the Gujarat government is on the verge of retirement but the government recruits only 20% of the staff every year. 

The number of retirees in the Gujarat government, which has a strength of more than eight lakh, has been steadily increasing since 2006. 

Thousands of employees, especially those who entered the job in June, retire in the same month. 

These retired employees include employees of various government offices, teachers, professors, employees of grant-in-aid organizations, employees of board-corporations as well as employees of various panchayats.

The government retires 10 times as many employees as it hires every year. A large number of employees in the police department have also retired.

 As many as 15,000 employees have retired from government jobs as the government is going to recruit police. Offices are flooded with retirement ceremonies on the 30th of June.

It is said that the highest number of employees and politicians' birthdays fall on the 1st of June, in the same way that the highest number of employees retire on the 30th of June. 

With a large army of skilled and senior most officers in the administration of the Gujarat government on the verge of retirement, government departments are finding it difficult to find an experienced department head. 

More than one lakh employees are retiring in the next five years, which is a very shocking figure.

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The same is true of senior officers of the Gujarat Administrative Service. A large team is on the way to retirement. 

On the other hand, the retirement rate of Class-I to Class-II employees in the government has exceeded 15,000 every year, which is a matter of concern for the government. 

Like employees, government teachers retire. About 3,000 to 5,000 teachers are retiring every year.

Vishnubhai Patel, president of the Gujarat Rai Employees Coordinating Committee, says that due to Karsakar's commitment to regular recruitment in Gujarat for the last three years, thousands of employees are retiring every year but no new employees are hired. According to Vishwubhai, the government is facing a huge shortage of engineers, legal experts and officials with technical skills.

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After the end of 2020, government jobs will be very much out in 2021 , The reason for the outbreak of the Corona epidemic now is that the burden on the government has increased and accordingly government recruitment will be very high.

In 2020, many government employees will retire and more Indians will leave.

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