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Friday, 29 May 2020

Terrorist attack in Kashmir fails, army finds 20 kg car full of explosives and blows it up

The incident in Pulwama will make every Indian remember how our 45 jawans were martyred. Today, the army has foiled another Pulwama-like attack in Jammu and Kashmir. IED (Improvised Explosive Device) has been speeding in a vehicle in Pulwama district. Shortly afterwards it was blown up. This information was given by the Jammu and Kashmir Police this morning.

According to sources, police in Pulwama came to know late at night that some terrorists were carrying a car full of explosives, according to the news agency.

It can be blasted at certain locations. So the army immediately sealed off some of the roads. Meanwhile, a suspicious car was spotted. Several rounds of firing were fired to stop him. The driver of the suspicious car took advantage of the darkness and fled. The army has seized the vehicle.

The troopers approached the car and saw a green drum full of explosives lying on the back seat. He kept a watch on the car all night. The houses around the scene were evacuated. The car was later blown up. According to sources, there was a big conspiracy of terrorists. The number plate of the scooter was affixed on the car, its registration has been found in Kathua district.

Shortly afterwards, the bomb disposal squad blew up the car. According to the investigation, nitric salt, ammonium nitrate and nitro glycerin were used to make the explosive. Earlier the vehicle was estimated to have 20 to 25 kg of explosives, but when the car exploded, its debris was thrown up to 50 meters. According to the bomb diffuser expert, the car contained at least 40 to 50 kg of explosives.

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