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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Sitting on a lorry, a family of 14 reached their hometown 1100 km away from Punjab

Migrant workers are facing many difficulties due to the lockdown imposed to reduce the spread of coronavirus. In fact, workers from other states continue to go home despite the lockdown. There are many pictures where workers with hungry and thirsty children and women are seen going home. A caravan of many working families with innocent children has been seen traveling on foot for many kilometers.

A similar picture has surfaced in Shravasti district of Uttar Pradesh. A group of 14 people reached Shravasti from Punjab after traveling miles with innocent children with the help of lorries. When the laboring family reached Shravasti, the people around were annoyed to see their courage. The laboring family arrived with their lorries. People said that they were forced to carry innocent children on their backs and on lorries as it was necessary to reach home.

After covering a distance of about 1100 km from Punjab, a group of 12 innocent children were now sitting on a lorry and reached Shravasti. The people around were annoyed to see it. The rest of his family was walking. One of the young men on foot was carrying an innocent child on his shoulders. Looking at his face, it seemed that the innocent children had been hungry for many days.

When a family of 14 people walked together in a lorry from Punjab, when they reached Shravasti, he expressed his sorrow and said that we are coming from Punjab on foot. If equipment was found somewhere, it was not found anywhere. Our family consists of a total of 14 people, including women and children. Including seven innocent children. We had no choice but to walk.

Seeing their plight, the locals were dissatisfied with the government. He said that taking women and innocent children with them was not an easy task. The laborer said that there was no work in another region due to lockdown. Coming back home became our compulsion. You had no choice but to return.

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