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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Scientists have shown a great way to eliminate corona: just doing this thing can control corona

Currently, a scientific study claims that a special remedy can reduce the incidence of coronavirus by more than 90%. An international team of scientists has experimented with several new types of models to combat the virus, one of which is said to be the most useful. At a time when the whole world is slowly moving towards opening a lockdown, the claim of scientists in Teva could prove very useful to the people.

According to the new statistics, history and science agree on one thing to stop the spread of corona and that is to take care of social distance with wearing a mask. According to Nbc News, after much debate over the effectiveness of masks against Corona, the White House has finally forced its employees to wear masks. As well as all the other leaders working with President Trump were already wearing masks.

The study is based on research and scientific models from the International Institute of Computer Science at the University of California and the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong. Dr. Dekai Wu, the main researcher of the study, says that the basis of the indispensability of the mask is the scientific model and its need.

According to the study, only 21 people died of coronavirus in Japan on March 6. The death toll from corona in the United States on the same day is ten times higher than the number of deaths in Japan. Not the same.

New cases are now coming in very small numbers in Japan. While cases of coronavirus are increasing all over the world. This is because there is already a culture of wearing masks in Japan.

The international magazine Vanity Fair wrote in an article that until the coronavirus vaccine is developed, we can only avoid wearing a mask.

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