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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Research / a drug raises first and greatest hopes against corona virus, trials underway in many countries

Alice Park. The decision by a team of doctors at a hospital in Washington sparked a wave of hope in the fight against the Corona epidemic. The drug remedivir may be the first drug to kill the virus. Drug trials are underway on nearly 1,000 Coro patients in 68 hospitals in the U.S. and around the world. It has also been tested in China, the epicenter of the virus. Patients using this drug are relieved more quickly than patients using other drugs. The first phase of the drug trial in the United States has been completed.

In the second phase, to increase the benefits of remedivir, it will have to be used in a trial with other drugs. Time Magazine learned from conversations with dozens of doctors, health experts and the pharma industry involved in the first trial of the drug on the patient how a new therapy has raised hopes amid the epidemic.

The trial began at the Providence Regional Medical Center in Washington. On January 20, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged the hospital to admit the country's first Covid-19 patient to the hospital. Dr. "He didn't push us," says George Diaz.

The patient's condition improved with the remedivator We did not refuse because this was the first case of a new type of infection. 'At that time, only China, Thailand. Transition cases were higher in Japan and South Korea.

Dr. The patient was having trouble breathing just 6 days after being admitted to the hospital, Diaz said. The level of oxygen in his body began to decrease. On January 27, the patient was given an injection of a remedivator dose after receiving approval from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). From the next day his condition began to improve. Dr. The patient's fever began to subside, Diaz said. Its oxygen supply was also cut off.

All research yielded positive results Shortly after the news broke, research into the effects of the drug on Covid-19 began in many countries. Thousands of cases were coming to China at the end of January. Gilead provided medicine to China under the Compassion and Compassion Program. Chinese researchers, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and researchers conducted in-depth research on the effects of remedivir.

In April, Gilead said, all research yielded positive results. Based on this indication, the FDA on May 1 approved the use of the drug for the treatment of severe Covid-19 patients. In many studies, Kovid-19 patients who took the drug remedivir recovered in an average of 11 days.

Researchers are still searching for answers to some of these questions Dr. Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. Aruna Subramaniam said, "The best thing is that we know that we can help patients with this medicine. We studied a trial of Gilead. 'On the other hand, researchers still have some questions in mind as to which patients will benefit the most and in which conditions the drug will be more effective.

Research from NIAID and Gilead indicated that this helps to eliminate the infection at an early stage. In many trials, it has become clear that remedivir helps patients recover faster.

This drug has been successful against many viruses The American Gilead pharma company Ramdesivir was first tested for Ebola, another deadly viral disease. The company continued Ebola research. According to research in the lab, the 11-year-old drug also gave good results in the fight against other viruses of the Covid-19 family - SARS and MERS. It proved to be the most effective against Ebola in these diseases.

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