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Sunday, 17 May 2020

Read all news and information about lockdown 4.0

The central government has announced a nationwide lockdown till May 31. Lockdown-4 will now be for 14 days which is till 31st May. 

The rules and regulations will be announced shortly. Lockdown-3 is set to expire today. 

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi first announced the lockdown on March 24, there were about 300 patients with corona virus in the country.

The third phase of the lockdown in the country due to the Coronavirus epidemic is coming to an end on May 17, i.e. today.

So far, it is clear from the signal received from the central government that Lockdown 4.0 will start, which may last till May 31.

Officials in several states said the guidelines defining containment zones, a key guidance document for enforcing lockdown 4.0, would come by Saturday and it was likely to divide a district into red,

 orange and green zones, unlike the existing methodology of categorizing an entire district as red, orange or green.

What could be in Lockdown 4.0

- Citizens have to take care of their own health and safety
- The economy will be focused on Lockdown 4.0
- States can be exempted from the Center
- Travel and industries can be exempted in the green zone
- Also allowed to run buses and taxis in the green zone
- Tourist train will not start at present
- But special trains and labor trains will continue as before and the number and route will be increased
- Domestic airline service may also be considered on some routes from 18 May

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