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Friday, 29 May 2020

Petrol-diesel prices rose to Rs. 5 will increase

Oil companies have been raising petrol and diesel prices since early June to offset losses during the lockdown. 3 is likely to increase. Apart from this, the companies are preparing to restore the system of daily change in prices from next month. Companies say there have been fewer sales in the lockdown and the government has also raised taxes. This has left a huge gap between cost and sales.

According to sources in the state-owned oil companies, a meeting of all the companies was held last week to review the situation and prepare a roadmap to re-implement the system of daily price changes after the lockdown.

Even if the lockdown is extended for the fifth time, the system will be implemented with the approval of the government. Oil companies have suffered losses in the last two months due to non-sales.

According to an oil company, the price of Brent crude has risen by 50 per cent to ડો 30 compared to last month. If this situation continues, the loss on the current price of petrol-diesel will start from June. It will have to be increased by 40 to 50 paise every day.

The companies say that the gap between the cost and sale of petrol and diesel has already gone up by Rs 4 to 5 per liter. Per liter. In view of the global prices and to compensate for the loss will have to increase by 40 to 50 paise per day for two weeks. However, raising prices above certain limits will not be allowed.

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