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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Negligence / Pilot Corona, who went to Russia to pick up Indians, was recalled from the positive half

New Delhi. The pilot of an Air India flight from Delhi to pick up Indians from Moscow, Russia, under the Vande Bharat Mission, was recalled midway after he appeared to be infected. An Air India official said there was an error in the pre-flight investigation report, which was initially read as negative. The event is Saturday. The DGCA has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

Officials said there were no passengers on the flight. It was only when the flight arrived in Uzbek airspace that our ground team members realized that one of the pilots of the plane was positive. So he was told to return immediately. The plane also reached Delhi at 12.30 pm on Saturday. Crew members have been quarantined. Now another plane will go to pick up the Indians trapped in Russia.

Number of domestic flights exceeds 500 The number crossed 500 for the first time on Friday after domestic passenger flights resumed. A total of 513 flights departed from various airports in the country, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri said on Saturday. It had 39,969 passengers aboard. This is the highest number of passenger flights since May 25, two months later.

Positive report read negative All crew reports are checked before the flight. Corona's report is particularly scrutinized. One pilot's report was positive, but read negatively by mistake. So the ground team allowed him to fly.

More than 300 crew members are checked daily Sources close to Air India said that this was due to work pressure. More than 300 crew members are checked every day. Everyone's report comes in an excel sheet. A member of the ground team made a mistake reading here.

News Report Divyabhaskar

The pilot read the positive report negative and let go.
The A-320 was en route to Moscow as part of the Vande Bharat Mission, officials said.
 No passengers were present on the plane, they were told to return as soon as they found out

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