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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Lalit Vasoya came to the aid of the people amidst the chaos of Corona, paid around… 21 bus fare

Dhoraji-Upleta MLA Lalit Vasoya came to the rescue of the annoyed people in the lockdown. He arranged a bus for his constituents to go home. Helped workers to fill out online forms. MLA Lalit Vasoya paid the fare of 21 buses. Due to the lockdown, arrangements have been made by the state government for Saurashtra residents living in Surat to return home.

An ST bus system has been set up. At such a time, Dhoraji Upleta MLA Lalit Vasoya himself has reached Surat and has arranged a bus for his voters to go. All those whose financial condition is not good are being paid.

In a conversation with a private news channel, Lalit Vasoya said, "I have been in Surat for two days because of the lack of coordination among government agencies in the ST bus allocation system. The buses that have been paid since 6 have not received any messages till date. For four days people have been pushing the AC bus depot and the collector’s office. Within 2 days we formed 21 groups and paid for 21 buses in ST out of which I have got only 3 buses through different processes. We are still trying for the remaining buses. ”

He said, "The main question now is whether the government has changed the process from yesterday and made it online. The online form is to be filled in English. The whole process, diamond artisans who do not know English, most of the computer shops are closed, even having trouble getting online. Importantly, the money that has been paid by the 6th, 7th and 8th has not been allotted to the buses till today.

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The number of buses is limited. Thousands of people have applied. When we check in ST depot, there are 300 buses, if we go to the collector's office, they say that 1100 people have been allowed (which is till tomorrow). People are getting annoyed due to lack of proper system. That's why I'm here to help people in my area. ”

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