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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Kutchi Saffron Mango / Kutchi Saffron Mango will hit the market in a week

Small vests. Progressive and experimental farmers in Kutch, especially in some areas including Nakhtrana, Mandvi, Mundra, Anjar, have made Kutch saffron mango famous in the country and abroad after experimenting with horticultural crops with the help of ground water.

Devjibhai Dayani, a leading farmer who owns a large saffron mango farm in Dhavda, said in an interview with Divya Bhaskar that saffron mangoes would be available in Kutch by the end of this month or early next month, i.e. in the next fortnight.

As Kutch saffron mangoes are also in high demand in other parts of the state, wholesalers from Ahmedabad, Mangrol, Kathiawar, Anjar and Bhuj come to the locals and decide on a bargain for the mangoes in the entire farm.

So there is no harm Mohanbhai Patel, who cultivates saffron mangoes in Sangnara area, said that the mango crop of Kutch comes at the end of Jeth month and at the beginning of Ashadh month. Traders trade mangoes and export them to Gujarat as well as other states.

The locals initially sell mangoes at Rs 80 to Rs 100 in the local market, but due to the rainy weather and thunderstorms in the month of Ashadh, people do not buy mangoes due to small pests falling on the mangoes on the trees. However, mangoes that have been previously unloaded and stored do not suffer.

Special economic benefits if companies that make mango products buy from farmers According to farmers, farmers can also benefit financially if they are purchased directly from the farmer by some large product manufacturing companies.

This time around, due to the confusing situation in the market due to Corona virus and adverse circumstances, the atmosphere on mango trade and deals between if and then as well as other factors will definitely affect mango prices. Saffron mangoes will be available in the market soon as traders have made preparations for packing of saffron mangoes, including waste paper cutting.

Kutchi saffron is popular in the country and abroad with its low fiber and sweetness Langado, opium, almonds and other mangoes are available in the market, but the demand for Kutch saffron mangoes is increasing not only in Gujarat but also in other states and abroad as Kutch saffron mangoes are low in fiber and high in sweetness. In this regard, farmers can benefit financially if proper process for sale is arranged.

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Purchased at a wholesale price of Rs. 40 to 50 per kg Depending on the potential yield, production, quality and other factors, deals ranging from one lakh to one and a half or two lakh rupees per acre are done. If given in terms of weight, it is procured at a wholesale price of Rs. 40 to 50 per kg depending on the quality. In some places, mangoes are unloaded and taken away by wholesale traders and sold at a wholesale price of around Rs 35.

The saffron crop comes later than other mangoes "The saffron mango crop comes later than other mangoes," said a leading farmer who owns a saffron mango farm in the Vithon area. Which gives farmers and traders less time to trade.

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The trees start to bloom in March and then fall in May and during the market in early June, the weather, dew and wind affect the production and quality of the mangoes or even damage the farmers due to falling from the trees. .

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